Konami quietly adds a playable Quiet to Metal Gear Solid V's FOB missions



It has been close to a year since Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain last received an update. While Xbox One X support is still not available, a much more requested feature has been added to Kojima’s finale from the series. Players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One now have the ability to play as Quiet, the mute sniper with barely any clothing, in FOB missions online. She comes with a few special abilities that should make infiltrating your friend’s now dormant FOB’s more interesting.

For starters, her sniping ability to second to none, so you won’t experience nearly as much shaking when aiming a rifle with her. Secondly, that crazy sprint ability she had from the main campaign makes a return and allows you to traverse large distances with ease. Quiet can also jump straight up most ladders, further speeding up the process of trekking across a FOB. Lastly, Quiet has a cloaking ability that will activate if she remains still for a few seconds, similar to Snake’s stealth camo from Metal Gear Solid 2.

If you’re somehow still addicted to the FOB option in Phantom Pain, Konami has also added new difficulty selections for special events. There will be an “Easy” and “Hard” mode with Easy disabling the ability for retaliation from other players. A couple of new weapons are also available for the R&D team to research, though they will be limited to FOB missions. The Dark Matter Generator sounds particularly awesome.

July 2018 Update Content [Konami]