Konami reconfirms that Castlevania Requiem is a PS4 exclusive, not coming to other systems


…can we get PC?

Slowly but surely the news is trickling in for Castlevania Requiem.

First we found out by proxy that it was a PS4 exclusive when Konami announced that the game was on the way due to a “partnership with Sony,” the first real red flag. We also learned several days later that the two-pack of games would use a different script than the one we were used to, and now Konami is confirming that wallpapers are in (as is the “blackout” original aspect ratio), as is the option for pixel smoothing.

When asked by GameSpot again if Konami had any intention of bringing the series to other platforms, the publisher stated that there were “absolutely no plans.” Now again, both of these games are available in multiple forms, but this convenient package is pretty enticing.Convenient if you own a PS4 at least.

Maybe Sony will acquiesce eventually and we’ll see Requiemon PC at the very least. Or maybe Konami will realize the sales potential of repackaging their insanely good library and not enter an exclusive partnership the next time around.

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