Konami teases something Metal Gear related on Twitter, and people are pissed


What’s happening with Kojima, guys?

Konami has been having a bad couple of weeks. Rumors have been flying around of Hideo Kojima’s departure for some time, with no solid confirmation of what’s actually happening with his employment. Then, Silent Hillsgets canceled. Naturally, people are angry at the company.

Just today, Konami tweeted out a mysterious “the 80’s is [sic] coming” message, with a “Metal Gear Solid: The 1984 Collection” logo. Many fans thought it was going to be a new digital release of the MSX classics, but it turns out it’s just a clothing line. Haha, it’s disappointment after disappointment with this company.

People are pissed, constantly referencing Kojima in response tweets, many of whom are still confused on his status. Konami is no stranger to poor PR, and depending on how this situation plays out with Kojima, it may have a lot of trust to earn back over a long period of time.

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