Konami will not be attending E3 2021, but has projects in 'deep development'


Updates to arrive in the ‘coming months’

Konami has announced that it will not be attending E3 2021 in any capacity. The long-time developer/publisher has noted that it is working on “key projects” and that players should expect updates pertaining to these titles over the coming months.

The full statement, posted yesterday to Twitter, reads as follows:

“Due to timing, we will not be ready to present at E3 this year. We want to reassure our fans that we are in deep development on a number of key projects, so please stay tuned for some updates in the coming months. While we are not participating this year, we have great respect for the ESA and know that 2021 will be a great success. We will continue to support the ESA and wish the best to all participants at this year’s show.”

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has acknowledged Konami’s absence:

“We support our partner Konami’s decision to not participate in E3 this year and are excited to see what they’ll be announcing in the future when they’re ready to do so,” writes The ESA. “We can’t wait for their return to E3 2022, but in the meantime, we look forward to sharing all of the highly-anticipated reveals, programming and so much more at this year’s E3.”

Currently, Konami’s only publicly known, in-development title is soccer sequel PES 2022.

E3 2021 is scheduled to take place (in an online capacity) between June 12-15.