Konami's stance on Metal Gear Solid V microtransactions


And, uh, 40 minutes of footage!

I’m back home from E3 2015 thanks to a too-early flight. I can safely watch this 40-minute demonstration of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain without any guilt trips from Steven. Yes!

Straight away, “While it is true that a few microtransaction options do exist, the entire game has been carefully balanced to be fair and enjoyable with or without using these options. There’s no pay-to-win option. Rest assured that every single item, weapon, and mission in the game is available to all players without paying a single cent.” Wait, wait, he’s not done.

“However, due to the sheer scale of the game and time required to explore it all, microtransactions were added as a completely optional feature for players who might not be able to spend as much time with the game. Nothing more, nothing less. More info on how this works will be announced in the near future.”

With that out of the way, 40 more minutes of The Phantom Pain. Make it a lunch date.