Kongregate is making its own PC game platform


Kartridge launches this summer

Carving out a sustainable piece of the PC digital distribution market won’t be quick or easy, but I’m looking forward to seeing Kongregate try exactly that later this summer. The popular browser game portal has announced Kartridge, “a new community-driven, developer-centric PC platform.”

It’ll be home to premium, free-to-play, name-your-price, and ad-supported games from developers “big and small,” with no upload fees. “Content will be technology and monetization agnostic.”

Kongregate hopes to “bring something to both players and developers that was missing in the market,” according to CEO and co-founder Emily Greer. “Through a combination of editorial curation and algorithm-focused game surfacing, our goal is to show the right game to the right player at the right time. This approach will help surface titles that are getting lost in other marketplaces and will help players find new content they didn’t know they’d love.” That last point is what has me interested.

Kongregate dot com will carry on like before, and Kartridge will hold a closed beta before launch.

Announcing Kartridge, a New Downloadable Gaming Platform [Kongregate]