Koral is a 'love letter to the ocean' in video game form


A relaxing adventure about revitalizing reefs

The time is right for video games that celebrate not just coral reefs, but ocean life in general. That’s Koral more or less summed up – it’s an upcoming Nintendo Switch and PC game about solving puzzles as a sea current, restoring reefs, and taking in the lush scenery. It has such a chill atmosphere.

The almost Flow-like gameplay seems like a smart fit for the ecological theme. Aside from some “light” puzzle elements, players will also want to keep an eye out for collectibles on their tranquil journey.

Koral will be out for Steam and Switch on May 16, 2019, and developer Carlos Coronado has a bonus in store. On launch day, he’s also planning to release a making-of video for Koral detailing his trip to Cap de Creus to visit a marine reserve. The video will cover his “scuba diving adventure” and the “various challenges that come from developing a game on a boat with limited power supply.”

The trailer alone put me in a good mood, so I can only imagine how radiant I’ll feel after playing the actual game. (Until, you know, the crushing despair over our planet’s current trajectory kicks back in.)