Kowloon High School Chronicle is bringing its underworld mystery to PS4


Dungeon Crawling Class 101

Cult Japanese release Kowloon High School Chronicle is bringing its strange, subterranean mysteries to the PS4 platform. As announced by Arc System Works and developer Toybox, the Nintendo Switch remaster is being ported to the Sony platform in Japan in March 2022. Though not officially confirmed, a western localization is expected to follow promptly.

Originally released on PS2 way back in 2004 as Kowloon Youma Gakuen Ki, the localized Kowloon High School Chronicle was remastered and re-released on Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2020. It sees the player step into the role of an unassuming high school, (secretly a treasure hunter), who transfers to the mysterious Kamiyoshi Academy in Shinjuku, Tokyo after learning of an ancient ruin that exists beneath the school’s foundations. Forging allies with the students, the protagonist ventures into the depths, dodging traps, battling monsters, and learning the secrets of a lost civilization.

The Nintendo Switch remaster features updated, high-resolution visuals in 16:9 format, as well as rebalanced gameplay, and an overhauled control scheme. The original adventure returns in all of its dramatic glory, alongside Kowloon High School Chronicle‘s famed social system, which sees the player converse and respond to friends and enemies with both verbal comments as well as physical actions ranging from the subtle (a glare or a wink) to the bizarre (…face-licking).

As previously noted no English language edition of the PS4 port has been confirmed by ArcSys or P-Qube as of this writing, but given the title has been listed for PS4 by the European games rating body PEGI, a western localized release is all but confirmed. Kowloon High School Chronicle will launch in Japan on PS4 March 18, 2022, for ¥6,380 ($55 USD).

[Via Gematsu]