Lady Dimitrescu had a great run, but Shadow Warrior 3's Motoko is here now


She’s Electric

Work continues on boom-a-riffic shooter sequel Shadow Warrior 3. Developer Flying Wild Hog and publisher Devolver Digital continue to drop trailers and tidbits pertaining to the cataclysmic sequel, which is scheduled for release on PS4, PC, and Xbox One later this year.

The developers might have outdone themselves this weekend, however, with the reveal of amazing new character Motoko — the last remaining sorceress of the Kumo Brotherhood. Very little has been revealed about this fascinating new villain, but we do know that she holds mastery over electrical elements and that she plays host to an explosive and opulent fighting arena, which is fittingly titled “Motoko’s Thunderdome.”

We also know that she looks fucking awesome. Look at her…

Whatever Motoko’s ultimate role in Shadow Warrior 3 will be, her reveal immediately set my mind racing to an epic battle between the electrifying sorceress and Resident Evil Village‘s beloved vampire queen, Lady Dimitrescu. The most stylish boss characters in recent memory, both women command incredible power, fear, and respect while also sharing a twisted passion for death and violence. I’d definitely like a front-row seat to see both of them settle the score in the Thunderdome. I probably wouldn’t survive, but I’ll take it.

Big Floppy Hat versus Rita Repulsa Hairdo… Who’s got your money?