Larian Studios unveils Baldur's Gate 3 during Google Stadia event


Guess what? It’s confirmed for Stadia

Larian Studios has been around for a long while. For over two decades, in fact, and now they’re handling an even older franchise: Baldur’s Gate III.

Revealed during Google’s Stadia Connect event today, the studio calls it a “dream come true,” and the “biggest game they’ve ever done.” They had to triple their size to handle it, and had been asking Wizards of the Coast for ages to do it: finally they wore down and a deal was struck.Baldur’s Gate III was supposed to be a thing back in the early 2000s, but was unceremoniously canceled. Larian says that their work on theDivinity series has prepared them for this moment.

Baldur’s Gate IIIwill arrive on Stadia later this year. Other platforms are not confirmed outside of PC. You can find the game’s new landing page here.