Last-minute Sniper Elite 4 PC deals for Steam


Scope out some deals

Sniper Elite 4 is hitting the shelves at your local game store tomorrow for the typical console crowd, but for PC gamers, the fastest way to slay Nazis is to download the game. Best of all there’s no need to pay full price on Steam as discounts up to 25% offare floating around the net from authorized digital retailers.

Green Man Gaming is known to be shipping keys instantly with its 20% price break. There you’ll see the Standard Edition drop to $48 while Deluxe is $72. It has the same Target: Führer mission DLC and Camouflage Combat Rifles Pack pre-order bonuses as on Steam.

A good alternative, and arguably a better deal, is the Sweden-based GamersGate selling the title 25% off for both editions. This makes Standard only $45 while Deluxe drop under $70. You will get the same pre-order bonuses as you would on GMG or Steam.

Sniper Elite 4 PC/Steam Deals