Latest Final Fantasy XV update includes stinky tofu and a survey


Can’t catch the stinky tofu man

An update is coming to Final Fantasy XVtomorrow, May 24. It will fix various bugs, including one that crashes the game on the Timed Quest rankings screen; add the winning photo of the snapshot contest to the front of the Hammerhead restaurant; and provide a survey on the title menu about future updates. The most important addition is, of course, Ignis’s new mellow-flavored Stinky Tofu, thanks to the results of a Taiwanese survey.

Additionally, a “Jumper” outfit for Noctis will be available for download on May 30th. It’s got a weird rendition of a Behemoth on the back of a black leather jacket. Cool?

I’m kind of surprised they are continuing to support this game. After the final two episodes (Prompto and Ignis) and Comrades DLC come out, it may be time to move on to new projects. It’s a nice notion to continue supporting a game so long after release, but it’s punishing people who buy and play early. I’ve come this far without playing; I can wait longer until all the DLC is available.

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