Latest Project Sakura Wars music video looks at Anastasia Palma


At ease for this slick strain

Sega is still knocking out the character music videos for its upcoming RPG Project Sakura Wars. Following on from musical numbers for stars such as Lancelot, Elise, Azami and Sakura herself, this new video looks at new character Anastasia Palma.

Unlike some of the previous tunes, that carry a more bombastic, military pride, Anastasia’s theme “Kaeru Basho” is a little cooler and alluring, no doubt reflecting the attitude of the lady herself. As with previous songs, it is performed by the respective character’s voice actor, in this case Ayaka Fukuhara. The video appears to depict Anastasia’s charming and slightly aloof personality, but climaxes with her geared up and ready for battle.

Project Sakura Wars launches on PS4 in Japan December 12, before heading west in 2020.

Project Sakura Wars “Anastasia Palma” character song music video [Gematsu]