Lawbreakers is back with more betas this month, out in August on PC and PS4


Not a ‘bullshit’ beta as told by Cliffy B

After tons of noodling around in alpha and beta form, Lawbreakersdirector Cliffy B took the stage at the PC Gaming Show to confirm a release date — August 8. It’ll arrive on PC and PS4 for $30, with, as Cliff puts it, “none of that $60 multiplayer only bullshit.”

In the meantime you can play more beta events on June 28 (which is closed), and on June 30 (which is open). The betas will also be “no bullshit” as Cliff exclaims, as they’ll use the information to alter the game throughout July.

There’s no word on an Xbox One version at the moment. Having played it even in alpha form I saw the potential. The real challenge is getting people to play a hero shooter in this very competitive market.