LawBreakers is holding an open beta on PC and PS4 this Friday


Is there room for this game right now?

Boss Key Productions is giving arena shooter fans another chance to try out LawBreakers before its full release on August 8.

The next open beta is scheduled to run on PC and PlayStation 4 from Friday, July 28 at 7:00am Pacific to Monday, July 31 at 7:00am Pacific. Pre-loading has already started, though, so if you’re interested, you can get situated ahead of time and make the most of the event. Or not! Procrastinating is fun too.

I’m curious to see how this game fares once it’s out in the wild as a $30 multiplayer game. I’ve definitely heard mixed reactions to it, but more to the point, I’m wondering if people are even aware it’s a thing. I get the feeling LawBreakers will need all the buzz it can muster to get its community going.

Play Open Beta For Free [LawBreakers]