LawBreakers lands ranked mode and multi-region queuing tomorrow


Only shooting stars break the mold

Despite a dwindling player base, Boss Key Productions is still coming out with updates for LawBreakers.

The latest one, the All-Star Update, centers on a new competitive ranked mode called Boss Leagues. After making it through ten placement matches, players will fall into one of six tiers (from Bronze all the way up to Boss). The first season is actually Beta Season 0, allowing the developers the time needed “to collect feedback from participants to help improve the mode.” Ranked is all well and good, but you can’t talk about any of this stuff without acknowledging how few people are playing right now.

Worth noting: Boss Key is adding “improved tutorials” and “multi-region queuing.”

When the update goes live tomorrow at 10:00am Pacific, LawBreakers players will also get a new Blitzball arena map, Gateway, and a “Blood Moon” variant of the existing Redfalls map.

I’d love to see this game make a comeback but gosh is it getting hard to envision that scenario.

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