Left 4 Dead 2's last update, The Last Stand, gets one last trailer before launch



Last last month, we told you about the final add-on for Left 4 Dead 2. It’s not your usual DLC, though. This isn’t Valve-developed, but rather Valve-sanctioned. It’s a fan-made update, but it also has gotten the blessing (and promotion) from Valve.

Now, little more than one week out, we have an official trailer for this add-on that’s called The Last Stand. According to the trailer, here’s what’s new: Over 20 new survival maps, new and reworked animations, the inclusion of previously unused voicelines, new melee weapons (hello, pitchfork!), PvP fixes and enhancements, 30 new achievements, and two new mutations.

All this goes down on September 24 when The Last Standlaunches. It’s a free expansion — probably the last Left 4 Dead 2will ever get — so there’s no need to budget for this. Just see if you can get the old crew back together for one more job. It has been nearly 11 years since this game first released. Rounding up all those friends is a more daunting task than surviving the zombie apocalypse. Sorry for leaving you depressed about being an adult.