Legend of Legacy published by NIS America in Europe


Winter (2016) is coming

Despite the “America” in the company name, it looks like NIS America is the publisher of choice when it comes to bringing Atlus games across the pond. That’s certainly true for their latest announcement, the 3DS-bound RPG Legend of Legacy,developed by studio FuRyu and a handful of Japanese development figures with credits for everything from Chrono Triggerand Final Fantasyto the SaGaseries and999.

Atlus USA announced a North American release for this fall, and the European release is set for “Winter 2016”. Jed took a look at the original Japanese release way back in February, claiming that adding some kind of “Easy for American Babies” mode would be key to making the game work in the west. I’m inclined to disagree. Given the success of recent difficult titles and the proliferation of roguelike design, I’m thinking that coddled westerners are ready for a few more sadistic JRPGs, don’t you?