Let it Die is giving out a booster pack to PS Plus subscribers


Respite from the grind

Every so often I’ll check on my PlayStation 4 downloads and see that Let it Die is doing its thing. As much as Grasshopper Manufacture’s hack-and-slash title made a good first impression (the setting and aesthetic are super compelling to me), I abruptly stopped playing early on and haven’t gone back. So, the game is still installed, it’s still regularly updating, but I’m not motivated enough to return.

I don’t think I’m alone, either. GungHo America is hoping to get more people in the door and keep them there. The publisher is holding a “Direct Hell Booster Pack Plus” promo for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Today through April 18, you’ll be able to get this stuff with your sub at no extra cost:

  • Death Metals (10) — These allow you to continue upon death and expand your storage.
  • 1-Day Express Pass (2) — Passes provide a small taste of what our 30-Day Express Pass offers.
  • Kill Coins (20K) — Kill Coins can be used to purchase weapons, armor, and Skill Decals.
  • SPLithium (20K) — A special resource used to craft equipment and strengthen various elements of your Waiting Room (home base).
  • Solo Shelter (2) — A tent-like item that can be used to take quick breaks from gameplay preventing enemy attack while replenishing HP.
  • Barbmeat Full Portion (3) — This full portion of meat replenishes 100% of your max HP.

Which, yeah, that’d help. I’ve heard tales about Let it Die‘s free-to-play structure and rising difficulty conspiring against players further up the tower, all but forcing a dreadful grind to stand a chance.

There’s also a relevant promo running now through March 31 where if you buy a year of PS Plus from the PlayStation Store, you’ll get an extra three months worth of subscription added on top.

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