Let's hope the second Pokemon Sun and Moon mission goes smoother


Global Mission #2 starts December 27

The debut Global Mission in Pokémon Sun and Moon was a disaster. This limited-time challenge ran from November 29 to December 12 and asked players to collectively catch 100 million Pokémon. That’s obviously a lot, but still manageable, right? We ended up pulling in under 16.5 million. Yeah.

The next mission will hopefully fare better. It starts tomorrow, December 27, and will have us using the game’s Island Scan feature to “capture or defeat” a million Pokémon by January 29. That should be doable, assuming enough people have bothered to look through the bottom-screen menu and search for QR codes. After you scan 10 codes, you can use the scanner to summon a specific Pokémon, which you’d then need to find and catch (or send to an early grave) for the purposes of this mission.

To participate, just hit “Festival Plaza” from the touch-screen menu, and then walk straight up to the castle. There’s a woman inside, on the right, who will get you sorted for the Global Mission.

If we pull this million-‘mon feat off, we’ll earn 2,017 Festival Coins, and if we don’t, we’ll still get 217 FC. If your account is tied to the Pokémon Global Link, you’ll earn double those amounts, win or lose.

[Via Serebii.net]