Let's revisit thousands of old arcade game flyers



Several weeks ago, I heard about Flyer Fever, an online archive of thousands of arcade game advertisements dating back to the 1970s, and the site has been clawing at my mind ever since.

I’ve finally succumbed. This is just too great a resource not to share with everyone.

Some of the flyers promote familiar arcade classics, and seeing those again brings back fond memories. But many of the ads are for international games that to my eyes look like lost treasures.

While scanning through the feed, a flyer for Data East’s Meikyuu Hunter G (aka The Real Ghostbusters in the West minus actual “Ghostbusters” because licensing) stood out. It is raaaad.

I looked for some footage on YouTube and found a clip. On an intro screen, the game warns: “If you are playing this video game outside of the country of Japan, you are involved in a crime!”

This is the beginning of an hours-long Internet rabbit hole. I can feel it.