Let's all watch the EA Play Live 2021 stream


Apex, Battlefield, and more?

This year’s EA Play Live showcase is set to get underway in just a short while here, with news and updates about Electronic Arts’ upcoming slate of games.

The show kicks off at 10 a.m. PT, on both EA’s YouTube and Twitch channels. You can also watch the action in the embed below:

The publisher set its showcase in July this year, creating some distance between EA Play Live and last month’s E3 2021 festivities. EA has had some distance between itself and that show for a while, but this year, it especially feels like there’s been a good gap between the big June showcases and today’s show.

EA and its studios have already been letting us know what won’t be at the show today. Namely, there won’t be any news on Mass Effect or Dragon Age from BioWare, no new Star Wars game, and nothing new to say about Skate.

So what’s set to show up? Battlefield 2042 for one, as it’s one of EA’s big titles set to launch this fall. And with the newly named Ripple Effect Studios providing support on the project, it’ll be interesting to see what the new Battlefield still has waiting in the wings to show off. Respawn Entertainment has also confirmed that it’ll show off the new update coming to Apex Legends today as well. And though EA’s already been spotlighting some sports content prior to today, it’s hard to think we won’t see some more sporting activities on-screen today.

As for the surprises? Well, rumor has it that EA is looking to resurrect an established IP as part of its event today. Recent reports pointed to Dead Space, and hey, I’m always down for some Dead Space.

We’ll see what Electronic Arts, and its various studios, have in store for EA Play Live as the showcase gets underway today.