Let's write lore for our horrible Pokemon fusions


Help me fill out the Pokedex

The internet is cyclical. We’re well into 2019, and folks have once again latched onto Pokémon Fusion, an old favorite that lets you combine two first-generation Pokémon into a singular monstrosity.

This slow-moving Monday is the perfect chance for us to dig back into that timeless site and get a little creative. Anyone can hammer away on the random-generator button, but let’s go a step further. Instead of just sharing your own personal Pokémon fusion in the comments, I also want to hear some lore.

Imagine your beast had a proper Pokédex entry – what would it say? What would its story be?

Here’s mine.

Tangchan Pokémon Fusion

“While otherwise peaceful, Tangchan will spar with anyone who dares issue a challenge. It doesn’t know its own strength. No one has ever survived a hand-to-hand fight with this Pokémon, hence its permanently concerned expression. Its cries can be heard echoing through hospital halls.

If you’re light on mash-up ideas, try fusing your favorite and least favorite Pokémon together.