Level-5 is bringing the original Yo-Kai Watch to Switch, opening the door for the entire series on one platform


Yo-Kai Watch 4 just arrived on Switch in Japan

Amid less-than-stellar sales (compared to their past conquests), Level-5 is looking to re-invent the Yo-Kai Watchseries. The 3DS, which the franchise has predominantly hitched its wagon to, is on its way out, and the Switch is the new hotness. Naturally Level-5 saw this trend and swapped with their latest entry, Yo-Kai Watch 4, but now they’re doubling, and possibly tripling or quadrupling down.

As revealed by way of theDennoji Reto YouTube channel, Level-5 is bringing the first Yo-Kai Watchgame to the Nintendo Switch. This is a pretty big moment for the series, as a new generation of potential fans are now privy to entry, which will apparently arrive in September in Japan. Of course, the Switch Lite is featured heavily in the video, and the series has come full circle, highlighting its relevance on a portable-only device once again.

Hopefully this leads to the aforementioned extra-dipping with the release of Yo-Kai Watch 2and 3 on the Switch. You can pretty much jump right into 2immediately without missing much, and 3 is exceedingly hard to find in the west, with physical copies going for upwards of $70 or more when stock is out.