Level-5's Megaton Musashi to get more info later this year, no relation to Brave Fencer


…can it be though

We learned about the existence of Megaton Musashi earlier this year, and (godspeed) Level-5 is making it yet another “cross-media” project. Translation: it’s also getting a ton of non-game things like toys and an anime. You know, the things that Comcept wanted to do with Mighty No. 9 but never did, and oddly could do now that they were purchased by Level-5 recently. But enough about Mighty No. 9.

Megaton Musashi is set to make a splash at Jump Fiesta 2019, which is actually in 2018 and will run from December 21-23. The gist is that it will be a “combination of classic robot stories and school mysteries,” which actually sounds pretty great. Interestingly enough the cross-media project is going to be a bit different this time, spanning several points of view rather than re-telling the same story. Bandai already has a toy contract in place.

Let’s do it! Wait, wrong Musashi catchphrase.

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