LG's 2017 4K UHDTV goes on the clearance rack


4K LG UHDTV starts at $380

Thinking about a new TV for some eventual 4K gaming? LG’s UHDTVs are getting big price cut deals this weekend.

High Dynmaic Range (HDR) is all the rage in the world of HDTVs this year. If the better brightness and color accuracy is what you want but you’ve been waiting on a sale, the timing of discounts might be unexpected.This weekend, BeachCamera and PC Richard have dropped several LG models to historic lows as they look to clear out 2017 models.

Prices are hundreds less than other mainline retailers like Best Buy and Amazon are charging. The 65-inch LG 65UJ6300 is going for $1,100 on Amazon while it’s only $979 at PC Richards. Best Buy has the 55-inch LG 55UJ6300 for $650 while PC Richards is again cheaper with a drop to $589, and so on down the list.

The cheapest of the 4K UHDTV starts at $380 and is actually a decent gaming performer according to Rtings, which pegs it with good motion blur performance and low input lag – two major criteria that we agree are important, even though many of these 4K are 60Hz panels.

LG HDR 2017 Clearance 4K UHDTV Deals

Non-HDR 2017 HDTV Deals

Skipping out on the latest and greatest 4K display will get you more bang for your buck. Two 1080p LG models are on sale with drops to $479 and $380, respectively. You’re missing out on the higher resolution, but saving over $100 compared to the similar LG models in 4K.

If you can’t wait for the price drop to happen on Black Friday later this year, this is in fact one of the cheapest times of the year to pick up an outgoing model as new 2018 models will be shortly arriving. BeachCamera’s deals are expiring later next week on August 7, while PC Richard deals have an unknown expiration date. Note that sales tax is only collected at BeachCamera for NJ, while PC Richard collects them at NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD, and MA.