Li-Ming seems deadly in Heroes of the Storm


She’s playable now on the PTR

Before Xul the Necromancer makes it to Heroes of the Storm in the coming weeks, we’re gettinganother character from the Diablo series, Li-Ming the Wizard. Ahead of her wide release (which is set for February 9, according to Heroes Nexus), she is playable on the public test realm.

Even if you plan to stick with your old favorites, you ought to look at everything else happening in today’s PTR patch. There’s a lot. Big changes to structures (towers, forts, and keeps now deal 50 percent bonus damage to heroes) as well as characters like Nova and Rehgar.

Here’s a quick rundown of Li-Ming’s abilities:


  • Critical Mass: Participating in a Takedown refreshes all of your Ability cooldowns.

Basic Abilities

  • Magic Missiles (Q): Fire three missiles toward a location, each damaging the first enemy it hits.
  • Arcane Orb (W): Fire an orb that powers up as it travels, damaging the first enemy it hits. The amount of damage dealt is increased the farther the orb travels, up to 300%
  • Teleport (E): Instantly teleport a short distance.

Heroic Abilities

  • Disintegrate (R): Channel a powerful beam of energy, dealing heavy damage over 2.5 seconds to all enemies in its path. The direction of the beam follows your cursor.
  • Wave of Force (R): Damage and knock all enemies away from the targeted area.

I’m glad to see more Diablo heroes in the mix — especially a new assassin. (Sorry, Valla!) From the sound of it, I’ll need to get plenty of practice in before attempting to use her in real matches.