Life is Strange 2 isn't gone-ja, it's reeferning in a couple weeks


Sean and Daniel and Mary Jane

It feels like it has been a while since Life is Strange 2‘s second episodereleased, and that’s kind of the case. Rulescame out in January, four months after the initial episode. Now, it’s about time for the next installment. Life is Strange 2might not be committed to a quick pace, but it’s keeping a steady schedule.

Or should I say it’s kiefinga steady schedule because Episode 3 has the dankest sticky icky, the nicest nugs, and the sickest spliffs. For 4/20 (which is now over, no more marijuana for a year), developer Dontnod uploaded this trailer of the boys walking through a greenhouse.

Drugs. Life is Strange 2has ’em. THSee it in action when Episode 3, Wastelands, releases on May 9.