Lightsabers in Fallout 4 is, scientifically speaking, something the Internet should like


But you can never really tell

Possibly the laziest route to garnering online favor is to take a thing the Internet likes and put it in another thing the Internet likes. There are countless examples of this all the time, but a good recent one is the Batman v Supermantrailer mashed up with “The Dayman” from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The creator had a hit on his hands with no actual creating necessary — just some light editing to make everything line up.

Right now, Star Warsand Falloutare two things the Internet is wild for, meaning that they’re ripe for this type of inelegant jamming together. Game tinkerer invalidfate made a mod where lightsabers can be used in Fallout 4‘s Commonwealth Wasteland (and it can be downloaded for free). Admittedly, implementing a game mod is significantly more impressive than the trailer instance, but the underlying sentiment stands.

If getting some of that Star Warsin your Falloutis something you’re (liberty) primed to do, make sure to check out this video that explains how to actually activate the mod. Equip blue, red, pink, or green as you go on a fetch quest to recover the lost Midi-chlorians or whatever.

Lightsaber Renew [NexusMods via Kotaku]