Link is the most popular amiibo in the world, US and Canada account for 63% of all amiibo shipments


amiibo talk from Nintendo

Nintendo spoke up on the amiibo situation, noting that the toys are performing well during its investor briefing last night. Some factoids were revealed, most notably that Link was still the number one selling amiibo worldwide, followed by Mario and Pikachu. Approximately 5.7 million units have been sold to date.

Nintendo notes that it wants amiibo have a “constant presence” at stores, but still hasn’t stated which amiibo will be “regulars” and which will require restocking/retire entirely. In all, the US and Canada account for 63% of all worldwide shipments,

The publisher also briefly mentions a new “NES and SNES app” that will allow you to download “scenes” from various retro consoles using amiibo. Apparently you can’t play the entire game because of a time limit — if you tap your figure you can play another “scene” though. Oh, and that external NFC reader for old 3DS units is coming “this summer.” Cards for amiibo are re-confirmed.

See the charts in the gallery below for the full worldwide sale ranking list.

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