Little Mac got some air game with 'crazy aerial death combo'


Return of the little Mac

Little Mac must’ve found some Air Jordans so he could be Like Mikebecause someone found him some air game like he put his hand on the basketball from Space Jamand stole Starscream’s powers. Maybe those Reebok Pumps worked out for him, or he got all 17 Air Budmovies on DVD for Christmas, especially the one with all the puppies.

I don’t know why my brain pinballed between those things, but anyway, here’s a cool Super Smash Bros. combo for Little Mac from former Sup Holmes guest ZeRo that works best on beefier characters. The original instance of this move is here, while a lovely Smasher(above) broke it down for those of us whose brains don’t work at Vine/fighting game speeds.