Little Nightmares getting three new chapters via expansion pass


Included in upcoming Complete Edition

Little Nightmareswas the best horror experience I’ve had since P.T.(I haven’t played Resident Evil 7 yet to be fair), and I absolutely love watching people play through it for the first time on YouTube. It was short, but I put my foot down when people start begging a game to be longer: length is irrelevant to the quality of a game. So while I won’t say it was too short, I will happily take extra content.

The DLC expansion pass, called Secrets of the Maw(the Maw being the large ship in which the main game takes place), adds three chapters to tell parallel stories that occur simultaneously as the base game. It can be prepurchased on June 9 for those who own the game. There will also be a Complete Edition that includes both the base game and the expansion pass, which also releases on June 9.

You play as a new character called The Runaway Kid and visit three new locations within the Maw including “Depths” and “The Hideaway.” The third location is yet to be revealed.

The first chapter, Depths, doesn’t have any release window but in it “The Runaway Kid explores the foul and murky sewers as he tries to escape from an insidious threat that lurks underwater.” The Hideaway, “a machine-themed section where the Nomes reside,”releases in November 2017, while the third and final chapter will determine The Runaway Kid’s fate in January, 2018.

The images released show familiar imagery, including some of the villains from the base game. They were great, but my hype level is somewhat deflated; I hope there are new terrors to escape from rather than the same ones, especially since it was those fearful moments rather than the puzzles that made the game shine.