Live Show: Fire Pro Wrestling World


With Special Guest Johnny Luchador

After nearly a 20-year hiatus (we don’t talk about that XBLA version) Fire Prois back, in the form of Fire Pro Wrestling World. The game is in Early Access right now, but still has more options and customization than anything on the market. It truly is already a wrestling-sim fan’s dream come true, with much more to come on the horizon.

Tonight at 6:00pm PST on Dtoid.TV, we’ll be jumping into the game and going through some of the creation tools, downloading some wrestlers (I think there’s about eight billion in the Workshop now), and siming some amazingly intricate and entertaining matches. All of this will go down while being joined by wrestling aficionado, creation guru, and good friend Johnny Luchador. Be sure to come by the channel and experience all of the madness with the community!