Live show: Legend of Dungeon beta gameplay


With special guests from Robot<3Kitty

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Be sure to come by tonight and tune intoMash Tactics,as we kick off an epic week of live contentstarting with the beautifully stylized and randomizedLegend of Dungeon. Join in on the conversation as I sit down with a special guest or two from Robot<3Kitty, and do my best to survive in this amazingly addictiverogue-like beat-’em-up.

As we chat, I’ll be on a constant missionto snag a spot on the leaderboards, but in a world wherecertain doom lurks at the bottom of every staircase,my playthroughs will more than likely be short, sweet, and full of fail. However, I’ll probably be a bit too mesmerized by the lighting, music, gameplay and atmosphere to have anything but a smile on my face as I embrace my thousands upon thousands of inevitable deaths.

QotD: What is the most frustrating game that you still put up with and actually enjoy?