Live stream will reveal BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle's next Persona character


It’s Chie, I just got a feeling…

ArcSys is hosting a live-stream this week for the slash-happy party that will be BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, which sees characters from various franchises meet to do battle in ArcSys’ inimitable style.

The stream will go live on Twitch and NicoNico on September 15 at 8pm JST. Along with footage of the chaotic-looking title in action, we will see another Persona character revealed for the roster, joining Persona 4’s protagonist Yu Narukami in battle.

While it could arguably be anyone from the popular RPG franchise, It’s a safe bet that the majority of the Persona side will be characters retooled from Persona 4 Arena. Still, should it be a surprise entrant from Persona 5, that would blow a lot of fans away.

Either way, I’m looking forward to the stream, and seeing more footage from BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, which is expected for release in 2018.

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