Look at this enormous Overwatch action figure


For once, a Nathan for You header would be appropriate

As part of a promotional stunt, Blizzard has dropped enormous novelty-sized Overwatch action figures in major cities — including my current stomping grounds, Los Angeles. I took the train into Hollywood to see this big ole Tracer figure, which turned out to be a terrible idea because Hollywood and Highland is the worst part of this city and I’m including the parts notorious for their highmurder rates.

Only on the corner of Hollywood and Highland can you see tourists, bucket drummers, blindingly mediocre street dancers, Scientologists, a man with a sign warning everyone about a prophetic dream he had in March 2015 about a psychic child outside the Chinese theater, and that remodeled-yet-still-kinda-crappy McDonald’s. It’s the worst! But I still wanted to get some pics for you nice folks, and I think I managed that.

For what it’s worth, as a toy collector I like this stunt a lot. From the molded articulation to the oversized twist-ties, there’s some real attention to detail here. I don’t know how much longer this will be up, but it’s probably worth seeing if you’re an Overwatch fan who lives in the area!