Look for a $250 Wii U bundle with Smash and Splatoon on Black Friday


Available at Meijer

While Nintendo has slowed its Wii U release schedule to a drip feed, there are still upcoming games that look promising (Xenoblade Chronicles X and Star Fox Zero among them), and more importantly, there are a bunch of fantastic existing titles you can’t get anywhere else. I haven’t come across too many Black Friday deals for the console yet, but this bundle is worth sharing.

Meijer will have a Wii U 32GB Deluxe Set with Splatoon and Super Smash Bros. for $249.99 + a $30 gift card (redeemable November 29 – December 24). You can’t get much better than that for pack-in games considering 1) they’re fun as hell and 2) they’re rarely on sale.

GameStop will have the exact same bundle on Black Friday, but for $279.99 instead.

The main drawback here is that Splatoon and Smash will be pre-installed on the hard drive, so if you plan to make many more digital game purchases, you’ll likely need an external HDD.