Looks like Modern Warfare Remastered is getting microtransactions


I’m so shocked…

What many feared has now come to pass; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered has gotten an update that includes microtransactions. While nothing contained actually breaks the game balance or brings the game closer to being pay-to-win, it seems that nothing is sacred for Activision. Dubbed “supply drops,” these microtransactions heavily mirror the stuff introduced in Advanced Warfare and even contain “parts,” which is basically the same as “salvage.”

So far, most items are cosmetic and everything can be earned through challenges, so it doesn’t lock out anybody who isn’t willing to pony up extra cash. Still, for Call of Duty points to be introduced into a remaster of a modern classic is just kind of gross. What happened to honoring the legacy of Infinity Ward with this remake? Where does this sacrilege end?

The few good things about this update are that the rest of Modern Warfare‘s maps are now available in the game for free. Along with that, you can now unlock female soldiers for play in multiplayer (which first debuted with Ghosts). It looks like Raven Software is keen to give players lots of aesthetic options for the game and I’ve always been a fan of unlocking costumes through in-game challenges. Hopefully this remaster eventually sees a standalone release, because I would be all over decking out my soldier in pink camouflage.

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