Lost Constellation is a pay-what-you-want Night In The Woods ghost story


‘Hello!’ Interested in a coffin?’

The success of Night In The Woods on Kickstarter once again proved that the best way to win at crowd funding is to create something that people actively want to lob on to their own image/identity. So many games on Kikcstarter look fun, well made, and interesting, but they lack that charm that drives others to wave the game’s flag and join up with its developers.

Would Obama have become President if those “Hope” images didn’t make cool t-shirts and desktop wallpapers? Would so many people have proudly backed KONY 2012 if the campaign had targeted an evildoer with a harder to pronounce name? Probably not. Marketing is everything, and though it may sound obvious, the most important part of marketing is being marketable.

Thankfully, a lot of marketable games are also genuinely great. If reaction toLost Constellation is any indication, Night In The Woods will fit that bill. This Holiday-themed romp is available now for the suggested price of $5, but how much you pay is up to you. I haven’t gotten a chance to play it myself, but if it’s anywhere as good as this, we’ll all have cause to laugh and be disillusioned at the same time. What a feeling!