Lost Judgment will let Yagami take time out with Sega Master System classics


No sign of Phantasy Star, but you get Quartet

If there’s one thing Team Yakuza loves putting in its bone-busting adventures, it’s distractions. And as ass-kicking detective Takayuki Yagami prowls the streets of Lost Judgment looking for a serial murderer, he will be able to take time out from the dark storyline to chill out with a bevy of Sega Master System Classics.

As revealed by Team Yakuza, (Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios), Yagami will have the iconic 8-bit console hooked up to a CRT in his homestead, allowing players to enjoy eight titles from Sega’s formative efforts in-home gaming. The games available include the obligatory Alex Kidd in Miracle World, great cute-’em-up Fantasy Zone, arcade classic Quartet, bike scrambler Enduro Racer, as well as Penguin Land, Woody Pop, Maze Hunter 3D (sadly sans 3D glasses), and Secret Command, aka Secret Commando, aka Rambo: First Blood Part II.

The previous Judgment saw Yagami install an OutRun cabinet in his office, which will apparently be missing from the sequel… I hope he didn’t trade it for a dang Master System. Of course, there will be plenty of other distractions and side-missions available in Lost Judgment, including a casino, various bar games, a hostess club, a selection of sporting clubs, and Sega arcade centers — featuring fully playable versions of games such as 1996’s Sonic the Fighters… Just don’t forget you do actually have a series of horrendous murders to solve.

Lost Judgment launches September 24 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Here are the 8 SEGA Master System games playable in Lost Judgment! Which of these classic gems will you dive into first?

?️ Alex Kidd in Miracle World?️ Fantasy Zone?️ Penguin Land?️ Quartet?️ Enduro Racer?️ Woody Pop?️ Maze Hunter 3-D?️ Secret Command#LostJudgment pic.twitter.com/HP7ZVhlraS

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