Love comes to Fire Emblem Warriors with DLC Pack #2 on Valentine's Day


The true bride and groom are here

Nintendo has announced that the second DLC pack for Fire Emblem Warriors will be arriving on February 14 at 4PM PT. While some of the contents were known beforehand, the curtain has been pulled back on what exactly will be in the DLC. The company also confirmed that it will be $8.99 USD if you do not own the season pass.

Love is certainly in the air with the new costumes.

Four new costumes will be in the DLC pack, and none of them belong to the DLC characters this time. Marth and Caeda will receive a groom and bride costume respectively, Tiki receives a dress, while Lyn will be receiving a Swordmaster costume. These are very strong picks to say the least, and the idea of pairing up Marth and Caeda in their wedding getup as a battle couple is just fun.

The DLC also contains the characters Navarre, Minverva, and Linde, with new unique skills. Navarre’s ‘Lone Wolf’ increases damage when solo, while Minverva comes with Iote’s Shield to negate super effective attacks, which will be a godsend for flying units against archers. Linde’s ability will allow her to fill the Awakening Gauge by defeating enemies with critical attacks, regardless of what the weapon triangle says. The one word of caution here is that the last DLC pack had two clones, so if you haven’t committed yet then wait for footage to be safe.

The rest is nearly the same as the previous DLC. New support conversations will be present, new history maps, new armor break models, and new weapon attributes. Those abilities are Starflip, which changes strength and defense along with magic and resistance, genpeer, which increases damage against characters of the same gender, and decreases damage against characters of the opposite gender, and gencross, which is the opposite of genpeer.

There is one important detail however. The broken armor models include Lyn, Celica, and Anna. In addition, Caeda, Tiki and Anna will get unique weapons in the DLC. This means that there likely will not be anything for Lyn, Celica, and Anna in the Awakening DLC pack, but also that the Awakening cast without unique weapons, like Robin and Lissa, will be receiving their own.

In addition to the DLC, Update 1.4.0 will drop and will have content available to everyone. The character level will be increased from 110 to 130, and more blessings will be available. On top of that, two more weapon attributes are being added, which increase the amount an enemy’s stun gauge decreases by and increases the damage done to launched enemies respectively. Finally some quality-of-life changes are being made, such as UI improvements, with the deployment screen being specified, as well as an option to turn off the confirmation for crest creation.

There is one thing still absent from the game: the villains remain unplayable. By this point Hyrule Warriors already had its villains patched in, so it’s not clear why this hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully it does before the final DLC pack.

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