Low key indie Kamiko, which arrived near the launch of the Switch, has pushed 250,000 copies on the system


It’s a nice way to spend a rainy day

Kamiko came at the absolute perfect time for Switch owners.

Before Nintendo’s “20-30 new games on the eShop per week” strategy that absolutely flooded the market, Kamiko arrived a little over a month after the Switch launched for a great price of five bucks. Publisher Flyhigh Works knew exactly what they were doing, and the lovely little RPG went on to score big monetarily.

As they reported on Twitter this past week, Kamiko went on to push over 250,000 copies just on Switch alone: an announcement they shared to herald the game’s new Steam PC port, over two years since the Switch launch. These numbers are good by the way, as the publisher is “humbled” by the fan response.

You can insert Square Enix’s “if it doesn’t sell five million copies it’s a failure!” mantra here.

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