Lucas amiibo up for pre-order at Best Buy


If you can’t afford it, call your Mother

There’s no telling how long it’ll last, but the Lucas amiibois up on Best Buy’s website and available to pre-order. If you want one, best to not wait too long, as the Mother 3protagonist will likely be in fairly high demand.

As was the case with the Falco amiibo, Lucas can only be picked up in stores on its January 22 release date. It’s kind of a pain when other retailers will ship it right to your house, but it’s also the earliest you can secure a North American version right now. Pros and cons.

Even though Falco stayed up for days upon hitting Best Buy’s servers, don’t assume that’ll be the case with Lucas. There’s no rhyme or reason when it comes to amiibo — just heartbreak. Although, thankfully, that has been less of an issue the past several months. Chris hasn’t broken down and cried in a Target parking lot since May! That’s progress, Nintendo.

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