Newcomer Luke is the final addition to the Street Fighter V roster


Plus, Oro and Akira both join the lineup soon

Capcom has confirmed the latest and last character coming to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. During today’s Summer Update 2021, the developer revealed that Luke, a new character, will be the final addition to the game.

Luke is a brand-new fighter, who enters his trailer by saying that someday, he wants to become a “man like him.” Then we get a quick montage of the fighter, decked out in what looks like modern MMA gear, fighting Ryu in the Capcom Pro Tour ring.

Luke looks like he delivers some pretty exciting blows, at least from the spectator side of things. He’s got a bit of showmanship and attitude, and that move near the end where his punches blast across the ring at Ryu is pretty rad.

During the stream, Street Fighter V director Takayuki Nakayama said that Street Fighter V has been developed to pay homage to the past, but “Luke will give us a glimpse into the future.” What that future is, who can say? But it’s neat to get an early look at someone who could play a role in the future of the series.

During today’s showcase, we also got extended looks at Oro and Akira, both of whom will be joining the Street Fighter V lineup very soon. Capcom confirmed that both fighters, as well as an Online Tournament system, will be coming to Street Fighter V on Aug. 16, 2021. As much as I love Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, I have to admit that Akira—hailing from Rival Schools—seems more like my kind of character.

Capcom says there will be more to show of Luke in the future, and that the newcomer will be released in Street Fighter V sometime later this November. That will also put a close to this iteration of Street Fighter, as Capcom reiterated today. But maybe it leaves a little optimistic note at the end, knowing there’s new things ahead for the long-running fighting game series.