Lycanroc gets new form in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon


What does the fox say?

Following news the Nintendo Switch will be getting a mainline entry in the Pokémonseries either in 2018 or sometime after, I have to remind myself the 3DS is also getting two new games in the franchise this fall. Pokémon Ultra Sunand Pokémon Ultra Moon will be bringing trainers back to Alola for one last adventure November 17 and on that adventure, players can expect to see new forms of Pokémon, such as the new Dusk Lycanroc revealed yesterday.

Digging the fox color scheme. According to, this form of Lycanroc will not be obtainable in the wild, though I can’t imagine it’ll be terribly difficult to add to your collection. If Ultra Moonis anything like standard Moon, I imagine the opportunity to grab Dusk Lycanroc will come after an excessively long and drawn out tutorial that will make me quit the game three hours in.

A Huge Discovery of a New Lycanroc Form [Pokemon]