M. Night Shyamalan shares a reflective poster for Glass


If you haven’t seen Split yet then Glass is a major spoiler

I saw Split late and the entire time sitting through it all I could think was that it was good, but not great, and whatever twist everyone was talking about wasn’t going to change that. AND THEN THE TWIST MADE IT GREAT. Never have I watched a movie where the ending changed the entire complexionof the film so completely, turning a fun film into a near masterpiece, and redefining its entire genre.

Splitalso accomplished another feat: it made me excited for M. Night Shyamalan films again. He hadn’t really been doing much of quality, but now I couldn’t be more excited for Glass, which he dropped the first poster for after announcing the film would be at SDCC.

If you’ve come this far then I’m going to assume you’ve seen Splitand know that Glassis the third film in a Shyamalan superhero trilogy(?). Returning is Bruce Willis as the unbreakable David Dunn, Samuel L. Jackson as the very breakable Mr. Glass, and James McAvoyas Kevin Wendell Crumb/The Horde. The teaser poster alone leads to a lot of questions. Why is Dunn in chains? Why is Crumb in a mental ward after escaping at the end of Split? How has Mr.Glass not been broken to death by now? Is the twist ending for this film that they’re all actually in MCU?

Glass will hit theaters on January 18, 2019.