Madden could hit a Nintendo system for the first time in roughly a decade, according to a job listing


It’s been a while

Madden on Switch? Wait, Maddenwasn’t already on Switch?! Nope!

It’s crazy isn’t it? I mean, I thought at some point in the last eight years or so that Maddenhad graced the Wii, Wii U, or Switch. For a while everythingstill got Wii ports: just ask Ubisoft.

But nope, there hasn’t been a Maddengame on any Nintendo consolesinceMadden NFL 13 in 2012. That’s almost a decade ago. But that could change, based on the verbiage in this new job listing for aMaddendeveloper.

According to YouTuber Doctre81, not only does the listing mention “Nintendo game consoles” by name, but it’s not typically wording found in specific software engineer postings for franchises: indicating that this could be proof of a MaddenSwitch port. AsDoctre81 points out, EA is finally making an effort to port games on the Switch and get in on that money train. It’s possible! Even if it’s a stripped-down or spinoff version.

Even if it’s not for Madden 21this year, it could very well be proof of the next Maddenhitting Switch. EA would be crazy to leave all that money on the table now that the Switch has proven it can hang.

Online Software Engineer – (C++) – Madden [EA viaYouTube]