Maelstrom is a cool ship-on-ship action game with giant sea monsters


Making the rounds on Steam Early Access

Maelstrom is a cool, well-executed idea for game. It pits humans, orcs, and dwarves against each other in naval combat. Players will shoot, ram, and sink one another while trying to find loot and maintain a safe distance from gigantic sea monsters that become more aggressive as the match goes on.

The game recently ran a small but successful Kickstarter and launched on Steam Early Access. Describing the fast-paced ship combat is one thing, but you really need to see it in action.

The developers at Gunpowder Games have worked on titles like Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War, League of Legends, Destiny, and Overwatch. The plan is to have Maelstrom fully release in late 2018.

In the current Early Access state, they’re “still in an early beta state, iterating on balance, gameplay, and progression. The game is fully playable with three initial races (Orcs, Humans, Dwarves), multiple ships for each race with loads of upgrades, mates and captains. Multiplayer with end match rewards and progression is all fully functional.” Future work will include visual enhancements for the ships, duo team play, daily bounties and quests, more maps, new monsters, and professional voice acting.

I don’t expect to get into Maelstrom just yet, but I’ll be keeping tabs on it, for sure.