Magic: Arena celebrates one billion games played with a free pack code



Magic: Arenais really taking off, and it just hit its billionth game. To celebrate, Wizards of the Coast is gifting everyone with a free pack: one of many free code efforts in past months.

All you have to do is head to the store and enter the code “OneBillion” and you’ll get a pack for the latest expansion, War of the Spark. As a reminder, each pack comes with eight cards, some of which might be wild (which allows you to redeem them for any card you want of the equivalent value). One card is guaranteed to be rare (gold) or mythic (orange) in quality, and opening packs will up your progress toward more uncommon, rare, or mythic cards on a meter.

As a reminder, Arenastill isn’t live yet and is currently in beta form, even though it’s fully monetized and nearly every standard legal card (that’s in this cycle) is in the game.

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