This new Magic: Arena code will get you a free level and cosmetics



[Update: The above Magic: Arena code expires today at 11AM ET, you still have a little bit to redeem it!]

While Wizards of the Coast has toned down the smorgasbord of free Magic: Arena code handouts, they do bust them out from time to time. There’s a code for the start of every set traditionally, and sparing bonuses for people to input for free stuff. Like this new one that popped up this week.

The cause for the occasion is Magic: Arena‘s nomination for “best game community” at the Golden Joystick Awards, which Wizards decided to turn into a code. If you input the Magic: Arena code “GOLDENCOMMUNITY” in the storefront you’ll net 1000 XP (enough for a level-up) as well as two random cosmetics (I got two Japanese-region alt-art styles for cards). You have until October 26, 2021, to use it.

Remember that if you’re on PC, the code can be copied and pasted into the storefront instantly. If you’re on mobile, you’re either going to need to log into the PC edition, or log into your Magic: Arena account from somewhere and enter it there. Yep, it’s still like that.

The time to complete the mastery [season] pass for the first Innistrad set is rapidly shrinking, as Crimson Vow is poised to release next month on November 11. That’s only a few weeks away! Set rotation has always been off-kilter every so often, and people are going to have to pony up for potentially new powerful cards pretty soon.